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DJI EDU STEM Curriculum Resources for After-School Programs

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The STEM curriculum should be a key feature in any school-related program. Helping children continue to grow and learn in their after-school programs can make a true difference in their overall education. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education programs focus on preparing students for the challenging, science-based fields that have increasing importance in the modern world. Further enrichment during after-school activities will allow children to explore the subjects in more depth and can even inspire more to take an interest. It is important for those running after-school programs to have access to the resources they need to help guide students in these areas to make the subjects both exciting and challenging. DJI EDU HUB is excellent resource available to get started. DJI EDU HUB contains the teaching resources based on STEM education program, project, club and activity, including Technology/ Engineering Curriculum and Kits. As DJI EDU authorized distributor in The USA, we are dedicated to researching and providing good courses based on the drones/robots for educators in Schools and After-Schools.

Why choose us?

Besides the good courses you obtained from our website, we also offer:

1. Free Teacher's Guide

Everything you need to know to start a drone/robot program at your school, including:

Educational benefits

Gathering whole school support

How to fund your program

Identify the best school approach

Build teacher confidence and capabilities

Expand your program with school-industry partnerships

2.Curriculum Mapped Content

We offer curriculum aligned lessons to help you empower your students with the skills of tomorrow.

3. Sustainable Improvement

All our drone education programs are designed to create real change by supporting teachers and schools to continue what we spark.

We offer virtual tutoring or person tutoring when you are based in CA, NY and OR.

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