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Warranty Service


You can apply for our product warranty service if there is a performance failure during the effective warranty period. please contact our After-Sales team at


What to do Before Obtaining After-sales Service


Before obtaining after-sales service, the following steps must be taken:

√ Backup all data contained on your product’s SD card.

√ Except for flight logs, remove all data, including confidential information, proprietary information and personal information, from the product. Or, if you are unable to remove any such information, modify the information to prevent its access by another party or so that it is not personal data under applicable law. We shall not be responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data, including confidential information, proprietary information, or personal information, on a product returned or accessed for warranty service.

√ Provide us with all system passwords, if necessary.

√ Provide us with sufficient and safe access to your product, so we can provide service as needed.

√ Remove all additional parts, alterations, and attachments not covered under warranty.

√ Ensure that the product or part is free of any legal restrictions that prevent its replacement.

√ If you are not the owner of a product or part, obtain authorization from the owner for us to provide warranty service.


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