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DJI Education Hub Professional Account 1 teacher 35 students 1 year

Designed For Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High School, School Districts, Learning Centers, Maker-Spaces, Summer Camps, After School Programs, Non-Profit Organizations, and More.

Note: Please leave a message directly for a FREE trial account and educator's discount.

Price: $ 1199

One Account, Many Possibilities

DJI Education Hub users can log in to their DJI account via the web portal or desktop platform and efficiently perform tasks such as adding new students and teachers, running learning activities, and managing teaching tasks. It is an excellent tool for empowering educators and their students to achieve their goals.


Effective Teaching Tools

Pre-class preparation platform

Interactive multimedia courseware

Easy-to-use course materials


Low-Cost Robotics Simulator

Industrial-quality robotics simulation

Diverse application scenarios

Accessible to all grade levels


Popular Course Offerings

DIY and AI course modules

Robotics programming classes

Diverse Educational Resources for Teachers

Teachers will have easy access to course resources and question banks for all age groups to help them create exam forms, schedule exams, and complete learner evaluations efficiently. Teachers can create their own customized instruction format specific to their needs.

Fun and Simple Programming Education Tools for Students

DJI Education Hub comes with  Rogram , a new programming interface for teaching learners to use Scratch and Python to create innovative robotics programs. Rogram is easy to use and the programs it makes are compatible with more than 130 different types of robots, including a full lineup of DJI robotics products.

New Interactive Simulator

DJI Education Hub also features the new DJI Robotics Simulator, which includes a 3D physics engine that adds realism to the simulation environment by mimicking the characteristics of an actual working machine, including its joint structure and reproducing the effects of collisions, friction, and resistance. Combined with a diverse range of application scenarios, this simulator delivers a more intuitive and practical experience to programming learners. Teachers and learners can also debug programs in the simulator and link them to an actual robot for concurrent testing, enabling the seamless integration of virtual and real-time processes.

Oriental’ curriculum has been specifically designed to introduce 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in and out of the classroom! We are dedicated to the powerful solution for empowering practical learning in tech innovation.

Drones and Robots are not only for fun, but the educational resources are proving to be extensive and inclusive. Oriental creates opportunities for students of all ages to learn Blockly, Python, and C by programming autonomous drone, robot missions in or out of the classroom.

Why Choose Oriental?

1. Virtual and On Location Training

Oriental offers a wide range of professional development services.

Immediate and Inexpensive:

virtual training

On Location and Investment:

both on-site and virtual through our Microsoft global training partners.

both on-site and virtual through our Microsoft global training partners. Our one on one sessions are there to assist educators, walk through curriculum, and build user confidence.

With the use of  brain-based learning and coaching models we create positive outcomes across education and professional development communities, where technology is used as a tool for supporting more productive and engaging STEM learning experiences.

2. Free Teacher's Guide

Oriental provides everything you need (curriculum, drones, support, etc.) to quickly launch a K-12 STEAM / STEM educational drone program through fun and practical application.

3. Curriculum Mapped Content

We offer curriculum aligned lessons to help you empower your students with the skills of tomorrow.


4. Sustainable Improvement

All our drone education programs are designed to create real change by supporting teachers and schools to continue what we spark.

Please Leave a Message Below or email via info@orientalnavigation.com, we will send the professional trail account of DJI education hub.

System Platform

DJI Education Web Version

Using Google Chrome version 75.0 or later is recommended. Also compatible with Firefox version 80.0.1 or later

DJI Education Desktop Version

Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit

Network Environment

Internet access supported

Physical Devices Supported

Robomaster S1/EP/TT

Languages Supported

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English language

DJI Robotics Simulator

System RequirementsWindows 7 65-bit and above
Physical Devices SupportedRobomaster S1/EP
Simulator ModulesBasic Skills, Robomaster Youth Championship, Fun with AI– Driving in Traffic, and Fun with AI – Disaster Rescue


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