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Robomaster EP vs S1

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Following the groundbreaking RoboMaster S1, the RoboMaster EP takes learning to the next level. What are the differences between EP and S1?

They differ in the 6 aspects:

1. Application

Robomaster EP is a professional teaching tool, equipped with systematic teaching curriculum include student books, teacher's manuals, engineering logs, and courseware. EP provides teaching materials for teachers and students in the system, which can ensure the consistency of knowledge imparted.

RohoMaster S1 is a home education robot, allows children to learn easily at home through the introductory tutorials and various challenge levels of the App, as well as supporting programming challenge cards, online courses, etc.

2. Configuration

RoboMaster EP is smarter. RoboMaster has opened the official SDK, which can obtain sensor modules, video and audio stream data, and more artificial intelligence applications can be realized by compiling idiom models, such as autonomous obstacle avoidance, image recognition, speech recognition and control, etc.

Robomaster S1 uses six artificial intelligence modules including lines, visual signs, pedestrians, applause, character poses and S1 robot recognition, you can experience and learn artificial intelligence gameplay such as self-driving entry at home!

3. Hardware

RoboMaster EP has added high-performance servos, robotic arms, robotic grippers, and infrared depth sensor compatible hardware. More sensors and third-party open source hardware can be connected through the sensor adapter module and power adapter module. *Support Micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.

RoboMaster S1 has 46 programmable components, 6 PWM interfaces and 1 SBus interface, and can also be easily modified by writing complex commands using an external development board.

4. Function

By programming, multiple RoboMaster EPs can also form a collaborative formation to let the robot perform dance performances

5. Environmental Awareness

RoboMaster EP is equipped with 4 sensor adapter modules to support more than 50 programmable sensor interfaces, which can be connected to various sensors such as temperature, pressure, distance measurement, etc. and obtain data information in the Scratch programming environment, allowing RoboMaster EP to have human-like vision and skin.

RoboMaster S1 supports the combination of sensory pressure and infrared beam technology rules to enhance fun and interactivity.

6. Control Method

Both RoboMaster EP and S1 can be developed through the RoboMaster app specially developed by DJI to control the robot and run Scratch30 and Python36 programming languages on mobile phones or computers.

In addition, RoboMaster EP can also write virtual controls through Python, allowing students to design interactive interfaces by themselves.

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