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Robomaster TT VS Tello EDU

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What is the difference between the Robomaster TT and the Tello EDU Drone?

The Tello Talent drone features many similar things to the Tello Edu Drone, including an easy learning curve, doable educational projects for students, and a high level of success in STEM education.

The Tello Talent drone is a customized version of the Tello EDU drone.  

The Wifi signal on the Robomaster TT drone is 2.4 / 5.8GHz allowing for a more stable wifi connection between the drone and the controller. This upgrade in technology will help with some of the Tello Edu drone’s issues when there are too many drones flying together in close quarters, such as in a school gymnasium.

The Tello Talent drone also supports offline programming, whereas the Tello Edu does not. This feature allows for more convenience and flexibility when working on projects with your students. 

The ESP 32 microcontroller allows for external sensors, whereas the Tello Edu does not support external sensors. The ability to add external sensors allows you to create even more fun and engaging programs with your students!


Robomaster TT Drone vs Tello Edu Drone: A Comparison

TELLO EDU VS Robomaster TT

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