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Tello EDU- A great beginner drone

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The Tello Edu Drone by Ryze in 2020 is still a great beginner drone for those learning about Drones and not wanting to break the budget.

The Tello is a great beginner drone but also a great platform for advanced programmers interested in robotics, AI or image recognition. The 2020 Tello costs just $129, it's built by Ryze technologies and comes packed with a camera capable of doing 720p video or 5MP images. You're able to program the drone using Swift, Python or Scratch allowing you to learn to program or even implement advanced concepts. The Tello EDU Drone has a number of apps that are available in the app store. The Tello EDU app provides for cartoon training experiencing learning the basics of programming using the scratch programming language. The basic Tello mobile app allows you to control the drone, do flips, take photos and record videos. You can also use Swift Playgrounds on both the iPad and Mac with the Tello add-in to learn the basics of Tello programming and control. The Tello is an easy to use beginner drone and for a low cost you can explore a wide range of features. 

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