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Tello EDU Drones In The Classroom

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As engineering and technological marvels continue to shape the world around us, STEM Education, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM),  is imperative in preparing the next generation for the future.

As these industries grow more reliant on well-educated STEM workers, those students proficient and familiar with these concepts become more and more attractive to prospective employers in the technological industries.

Despite the extremely high demand for STEM proficient workers, the US Department of Education reports a 600,000 person labor shortage in these industries. To explain this shortage, The US Department of Education found that only 16% of high school students in the nation are interested in a STEM career and have the necessary math skills to pursue a career in STEM industries.

Unfortunately, they also found that 57% of students who've verbally declared interest in STEM, lose interest within a year. This is where the role of educational drones comes into play; as a new medium for students to learn and apply STEM-related subjects, while they have fun understanding how their drones software operates and functions mechanically.

Incorporating drone education programs into a traditional STEM curriculum in middle schools and high schools demonstrates a shift in how educational institutions can start raising skilled, proficient students familiar with drones, computer science, and the engineering design process. Combining traditional STEM academics with an applied drone education program is a proven way to engage teenagers and children with STEM-related subjects and promote early-stage workforce development.

Introducing drone classes into middle schools and high schools gives teenage students and children a new avenue to understand physics, mechanics, and aviation, but also gives teachers a new way to educate their students in STEM subjects.

The American Society for Engineering Education has extensively researched the potential for professional development and new ways to enhance teaching techniques in STEM subjects through the application of robotics and specifically drones. They found the building and flying of drones can enhance a multi-subject approach to learning STEM principles and robotics and, In 2018 in a one-week long summer camp for middle schoolers they found that hands-on activities can effectively engage students and promote learning and make a direct impact on student’s attitudes towards STEM.

However, in that same research, the question is if teachers are trained and ready to introduce drone education programs in elementary schools and up now. For this reason, learning to teach a drone lesson plan is a boon for teachers looking to step up their technical and computer science skills.

Educational Drones: The Tello Drone And Other Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

DJI Tello drone, compatible with the entire Tello drone series including the Tello EDU and Robomaster TT ( Tello Talent), is one of the best budget-friendly drones to teach the next generation of students applied math, programming, and team building.

The Tello drone is a small programmable drone you can code yourself with the help of Tello apps and STEM Dji Edu hub drone curriculum. This allows students to create fulfilling and educational projects. These instruments are perfect drones for schools because they not only help students learn computer science concepts but they are incredibly safe for flying in the classroom.

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