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Top 3 Drone Soccer Competitions in the World

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As someone who has been closely involved with drone soccer competitions, I can attest to the growing excitement and skill level in this emerging sport. Having witnessed several tournaments firsthand, I've gained a unique perspective on the top drone soccer competitions globally. Here's my insider view on the three most thrilling and prestigious drone soccer events that you won't want to miss.

Top 1. FIDA World DroneSoccer Championship

The FIDA World DroneSoccer Championship is the pinnacle of drone soccer competitions. Hosted by the Federation of International DroneSoccer Association (FIDA), the inaugural championship took place in May 2023 at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea. This event marked a significant milestone in the drone soccer world, gathering the best teams globally to compete in a high-stakes environment.


The championship features two classes: Class 40 and Class 20, each with its unique set of rules and drone specifications. Class 40 competitions require drones weighing 1100 g or less, while Class 20 competitions feature lighter drones weighing 110 g. The event spans four days, with a mix of league matches, friendly matches, and intense international competitions. The victors of the Class 40 competition are awarded substantial cash prizes, adding to the championship's prestige.

Top 2. U.S. Drone Soccer National Championship

The U.S. Drone Soccer National Championship, including the 2024 FAI F9A Drone Soccer World Cup, is another major event in the drone soccer calendar. The championship is part of the U.S. Drone Soccer Academic Season, which kicks off in October with a public virtual town hall meeting for league administrators and coaches. This event sets the stage for the AMA District Qualifier Bids and the subsequent District Qualifiers, which are held from January through February.


The U.S. Drone Soccer National Championship in March is a culmination of these qualifiers, where teams compete to determine the state or district champions. This event is a critical pathway for teams aiming to compete in the FAI F9A Drone Soccer World Cup, showcasing the best of U.S. drone soccer talent.

Top 3. You must be very curious about who is No.3?

Right now there is no Top 3 drone soccer coming yet, hope the next famous drone soccer competition will be hold by you! Everyone has the opportunity!

Drone soccer is rapidly evolving, with competitions like these showcasing the sport's thrilling blend of technology and teamwork. Whether you're a participant, a fan, or just curious about this exciting new sport, these top drone soccer competitions offer a spectacular glimpse into the future of aerial sports.


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