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Why Robomaster TT is more expensive than Tello EDU?

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RoboMaster TT embraces open source and has been upgraded on the basis of Tello EDU to facilitate multi-drone control and AI applications through excellent software and hardware scalability. In addition, RoboMaster TT provides complete drone and AI courses and a new competition system to create a new experience in robotics education and fully stimulate students' creativity.

The same specs of Robomaster tt and Tello edu


Weight: 87g (Propellers and Battery Included)

Built-in Functions: Range Finder, Barometer, LED, Vision System, 2.4 GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, 720p Live View

Flight Performance

Max Flight Distance: 100m

Max Speed: 8m/s

Max Flight Time: 13min

Max Flight Height: 30m


Photo: 5MP (2592x1936)

FOV: 82.6°

Video: HD720P30

Format: JPG(Photo); MP4(Video)

EIS: Yes

Why Robomaster TT is more expensive than Tello EDU?

The reason for this question is that Robomaster tt add a extension kit. Robomaster tt expension kit includes open source controller, ranging dot-matrix screen extension module and adapter extension board. Below is the specs of robomaster tt expansion kit.

Open source controller

Weight:12.5 g (including the open source controller and ranging dot-matrix screen)

Dimensions:49.5×32×15.2 mm

Operating mode:AP and Station modes

Wi-Fi frequency band:2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz

Bluetooth:2.4 GHz

MCU:ESP32-D2WD, dual-core at 160 MHz, 400 MIPS

Open source:Supports SDK development, Arduino, graphical programming, and MicroPython programming.

Scalability:14-pin extended interface (for I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO, PWM, and power supply)

Programmable LED indicator:Full-color LED

Ranging dot-matrix screen extension module

Dimensions:35.3×31.5×8.6 mm

Programmable dot-matrix LED indicator:8×8 red-and-blue indicator

Dot matrix driving function:IIC interface, automatic dot matrix scanning, 256-level adjustable overall brightness, and 256-level adjustable single-LED brightness

Ranging module:Infrared distance sensor (ToF)

Maximum distance measured:1.2 m (indoor with white targets)

Adapter extension board

DIY adaptation

14-pin extended interface to the 2×7-pin 2.54-mm in-line pad, 2 power indicator positions, and 2 debugging indicator positions

So robomaster tello talent is more expensive than tello edu, and it worth it.

If I already have a tello edu, and you want to upgrade to robomaster tt, what you need to do is buy a ROBOMASTER TT expansion kit.

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