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Can Robomaster S1 be upgraded to Robomaster EP?

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Some customers asked : I already has Robomaster s1, can I buy the robotics arm that upgrade s1 to Robomaster EP?

Obviously, the answer is "no". Here are 3 reasons:

1. EP belongs to educational product, it’s a professional teaching tool. While S1 belongs to consumer product, it just a toy and just for fun;

2. Robomaster s1 and Robomaster EP do not share the same base wheel. EP has opened the official SDK, S1 do not;

3. There is no option for purchasing just the robotic arm/gripper.

What are the differences between Robomaster S1 and Robomaster EP?

1.EP has opened the official SDK, which can obtain sensor modules, video and audio stream data, and more AI applications can be realized, such as autonomous obstacle avoidance, image recognition and speech recognition and control, etc.

While S1 uses 6 AI modules including lines, visual signs, pedestrians, applause, character poses and S1 robot recognition, you can experience and learn AI gameplay such as self-driving entry at home.

2.EP supports DIY, can be expanded with Lego and also can be connected to various sensors, such as temperature, pressure, and distance measurement, etc. EP support two programming languages, Scratch 3.0 and Python 3.6, delivering the fun of programming to beginners and experts alike. Therefore, it’s the best choice for competition.

The procedure for S1 is fixed, it is unable to program, and cannot attend the RoboMaster Youth Tournament.

So, if you want to buy the robot for educational purpose, Robomaster EP is the best choice; if you want to buy the robot just for fun, Robomaster S1 is good for you because of the lower price.

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