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How to Become a DJI Dealer?

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The drone market is growing very rapidly, providing opportunities for you to make money. So if you are considering entering the drone market, this article is for you. While there are many successful drone manufacturers today, DJI is by far the most popular and has produced several high-quality commercial and professional drones. This article offers practical advice on how to become a DJI Reseller.

Why DJI?

There are many top drone manufacturers in the market as we said earlier. So what makes DJI stand out from the crowd? DJI stands out from the crowd because it has established itself as the world’s leading company in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, i.e drones) solutions. The company has quite a number of high-quality drones available on the market. With over 10 offices located in four different continents and an employee count that exceeds 14,000, DJI has a presence in every region of the world, making their drones accessible to almost everyone.

You’ll also be happy to learn that DJI UAV solutions are being utilized in many industries such as EDUCATION especially. So there’s a very big market for DJI educational drones and robots like TELLO EDU, ROBOMASTER TT, ROBOMASTER EP.

What Are The Requirements To Become a DJI Reseller?

DJI doesn’t want just anybody to become their dealer, and as such, they have put together a set of requirements that must be fulfilled by people who want to become a dealer of DJI products. The company has grown a lot over the past years and this has seen DJI reduce the number of their dealers, resellers, and distributors, and in turn made the process more restrictive and therefore more exclusive.

The reason for this is that DJI wants to create and maintain a very strong network of partners, and the company believes it has to make the requirements, termination, as well as consolidation of small to mid-sized accounts more stringent. We are the Chinese ONLY distributor in The USA, which is the closest with DJI headquater. “best services, fast response”is our aim to achieve for our resellers.

Below are the requirements you must meet to become a DJI dealer:

You must have a consistent monthly account purchase or volume.

You must have experience in the UAV/drone industry.

You need to have experience with DJI products. As I said earlier, you need to be familiar with DJI drones if you want to become one of their dealers.

Permits for resale and your business are essential.

You need a functioning website to showcase/advertise DJI products.

You should be able to provide support and services to your customers. This will be easy if you have experience with the UAV industry as well as with DJI drones.

Commitment to all manufacturer policies.

Below are the requirements you need to meet to become our reseller:

You need a functioning website to showcase/advertise DJI products.

You should be able to provide support and services to your customers.

Yes, only two requirements which is very easy for you, please contact us for the further talk.

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