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Teaching python in the Classroom

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DJI Robomaster EP and Robomaster TELLO TALENT are your robotic solution to teaching STEM in the classroom! Robomaster EP and Robomaster TT combine coding, circuitry, engineering, building, 3D design & modeling, and 3D printing to introduce students to the world of STEM. Students work in teams or individually to complete exciting challenges that teach computer science, engineering, and design-thinking.

Build and program your DJI Robomaster tt drone and Robomaster EP robot to drive, avoid obstacles, follow a line, connect to a remote controller & much more.

Robomaster tt Classroom bundle kits and robomaster ep classroom kit come with teacher/student access to STEM curriculums/lessons on line.

DJI Robomaster ep robots and robomaster tt drones can use the DJI EDU hub for teaching and learning python by programming. This online platform allows students to build circuits and then program them using block or python or text code in.

With the DJI education hub, for educators, you can create exam forms, schedule exams, and complete learner evaluations efficiently. Educators can create your own customized instruction format specific to your needs; For learners, you can use Scratch and Python coding languages to create innovative robotics programs, compatible with more than 130 different types of robots, including a full lineup of DJI robotics products.

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