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Tello EDU “ No Internet Connected”?

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When trying to connect Tello EDU via WI-FI, it tells no internet connection. What is the matter and how to solve it?

If the Setting is all right, the answer will be Tello EDU is out of batteries.


This is Tello Drone Setup Guidance:

1.) Use a Tello Drone that you’ve got working in the official Tello app without the Repeater to ensure standard functionality.

2.) Connect a controller if you have one which We highly recommend.

3.) Rename your Tello WiFi network to something without a dash or any special characters in the Official Tello App. I simply used “Tello” to make life easy. To change WiFi name and set password go to the Tello App/Settings(Gear Icon in App)/WiFi. Press enter on keyboard after each entry to confirm entry. After second “enter” command you should get prompted with a popup.

4.) Set a password for your renamed Tello WiFi network for best compatibility with Mi Home App, it doesn’t love unsecure networks. We used eight zero’s to ensure we hit the character limit. “00000000”

5.) Use a Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier.

6.) Install the “Mi Home” app from your App Store.

7.) Sign up for Mi Home account in app and login. Unfortunately it’s required to use the App.

8.) Change Region to Mainland China or Other in Profile/Settings/Region in the MiHome app. Using the United States location did not work for us, but China did.

9.) Plug Repeater into USB power source. I use a battery pack that sticks out of my pocket with the Repeater facing up. This way if wind takes the drone I can follow it around any obstructions to keep control with the Repeater on me. You can also use a USB OTG to your phone to power the repeater if you don’t like the idea of a battery pack, but that’s also bulky.

10.) Get your Repeater connected to your phone once in the MiHome app. Found it easiest to connect to the Repeaters default WiFi network then use device discovery in the MiHome app.

a) Alternatively you can select the Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier from the device list in the App add device section.(this is why you change the Region)

11.) During setup process for Repeater you will turn your Tello drone on then connect Repeater to your Tello WiFI network. Once it is connected the Tello LED will start to blink more rapidly and the Repeater LED goes solid Blue from Yellow.

12.) Connect your phone/tablet to the WiFI Name_Plus WiFi network.

13.) Open the Tello app. If your drone FPV is showing on your screen you have successfully setup your Repeater!

13.) Enjoy vastly improved range and practically perfect FPV camera feed!

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