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DJI Flight Map

Note:We provide dealers' price to the STEAM Education Vendor. If you want to become a DJI education dealer, please email us directly.
Price: $ 799

Applications:The 3*3 Luminescent Flight Map is used for Robomaster TT and Tello EDU.


TT 3x3 m flight maps can be regarded as large mission pads used in the same way with the flight maps, TT can perform single-drone fixed-point flight and multi-drone formation flight. The pattern of the flight map is composed of DJI Logo, decorative pattern, and planets. Small rocket Mission pad ID Planets Decorative pattern Small planets DJI Logo DJI Logo Small planets Decorative pattern 


DJI logo: This represents the positive direction of the x-axis in the mission pad coordinate system. 

Decorative pattern: For decoration.

Planets: TT recognizes the ID of the fight map by detecting the arrangement of the planets and obtains the coordinate values in the coordinate system of the flight map.

Flight Map Coordinate System

The flight map pattern contains a three-dimensional coordinate system, where the origin is at the center and the flight map is a plane described by an x-axis and y-axis. 



The flight maps only work with TT or Tello EDU drones that support SDK 3.0 or later versions. 

1. Flight map placement 

Lay the flight map on a level surface and adjust the orientation of the DJI logo as needed. 

2. Enable TT mission pad detection 

• Place TT in the center of the flight map and enter the SDK mode (refer to the Tello SDK instructions for details). 

• After entering SDK mode, enable the mission pad detection function of TT with the "mon" command. 

• Enable forward or downward-looking mission pad detection with the "mdirection x" command as needed. 

3. Have TT recognize the flight map 

Command the TT to take off and hover. Instruct Tello to recognize the flight map using the mid parameter in the SDK and perform corresponding flight actions based on the coordinates and ID information. 

Command Descriptions 

The flight map commands are the same as those of the mission pad. 

Note that the ID of the flight map is 12. Effective flight map recognition range Recognizable height range: 0.9 – 2.0 m Recognizable horizontal range: The effective programming range is 2.8 m×2.8 m.

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