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DJI Robomaster EP Overview

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DJI released the RoboMaster EP in 2020. This is DJI’s second educational robot (also called Robomaster s2) and it is compatible with multi-party hardware, supports multiple software platforms, and has an open SDK.


DJI RoboMaster EP comes with more than 50 sensors and can be assembled into an engineering robot or an infantry robot. But, users can also let their own imagination run wild and create a sorting robot, transport robot or even a sentinel robot.


DJI RoboMaster EP hardware includes high-performance servos, robot arms, grippers, infrared depths sensors, sensor transfer, modules, and power transfer modules. The high-performance steering gear of the RoboMaster EP can be customized through a programming interface.


The DJ RoboMaster EP features a mechanical arm with a compact structure, supports precise FPV control, and works in conjunction with a mechanical claw. Even if the target object is not in front of you, you can still complete remote tasks from the first-person perspective in the app.


DJI RoboMaster EP supports more than 20 third-party sensors and third-party open-source hardware such as “Micro: bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and can use its own battery to power them. The EP retains 8mm and 16mm pitch hole positions and provides platform substrates, chassis extension tail plates, and front axle adapter plates for connection. RoboMaster EP supports different systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC.


How is robomaster ep performance in STEAM education?


In the aspects of teaching aids and related curriculum, there are three solutions, such as an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, programming education, robot education, and AI education.


DJI launched different clients for mobile phones and computers that allow you to program the DJI RoboMaster EP with programming languages such as Scratch3.0 and Python 3.6.


What’s the biggest highlight of RoboMaster EP?


The answer is the open SDK, which supports more than 50 programmable sensor interfaces. Students and teachers can obtain data from the Robo master EP from its sensor modules, video streams, and audio streams to write programs to achieve multimachine collaborative formation.


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