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Tello Edu Classroom Kit (x 10)

The DJI Tello EDU Medium Classroom Pack is a complete solution with 10 drones and necessary equipment, supporting 10-30 students.

Grades: 3+

Please leave a message with any questions.

Price: $ 2270

Tello EDU is an impressive and programmable drone perfect for STEAM education. You can easily learn programming languages, such as Scratch, Swift, and Python. With an upgraded SDK 2.0, Tello EDU comes with more advanced commands and increased data interfaces. Complete with DJI’s flight control technology, Tello EDU also supports Electronic Image Stabilization. Students can even write code to command multiple Tello EDUs to fly in a swarm and develop amazing AI functions. Programming has never been this fun thanks to Tello EDU!

Learn to code through real-world experiences! You can control Tello EDU directly via the Tello app or the Tello EDU app for programming and games. Tello EDU can perform eight different flips, fly up and down from your hand in Bounce mode, or automatically record short videos with EZ Shots. It is safe to fly indoors and can fly outdoors in windless conditions. Tello EDU's camera is capable of capturing photos and recording videos and all photos and videos will save to the device connected.

Drone Swarm

You can program up to 4 Tello EDUs simultaneously with one device. Use code to control a swarm of Tello EDUs, have them fly over Mission Pads, and perform flips and other acrobatic movements. Improve your programming skills while pushing the limits of your creativity!

Beginner Programming

Tello EDU supports block programming. Simply drag coding blocks on the screen to program Tello EDU and enable certain movements. Additionally, the Tello Space Travel tutorial teaches you how to use the Swift programming language to code on your iPad while following a fun storyline. This space adventure is available via the Swift Playgrounds app.

Advanced Programming

Mission Pads are a fantastic asset for increased programming precision. They serve not only as guiding points, but as trigger mechanisms. Program with the specific information within each Mission Pad to expand your options and push the limits of Tello EDU. You can write code that will enable your aircraft to recognize each Missions Pad’s unique ID as well as perform aerial acrobatics. Control a swarm of Tello EDUs and bring your imagination to life.

Discover more with AI

Access video stream data with Tello EDU, creating more possibilities for image processing and AI development. The new SDK 2.0 allows you to develop Tello EDU further, realizing more AI functions, suc

h as object recognition, tracking, 3D reconstruction through programming, computer vision, and deep learning technologies.

Kit Components:

  • 10x EDU Drones

  • 10x Batteries

  • 10x Micro USB Cables

  • 80x Propellers

  • 40x Propeller Guards

  • 40x Mission Pads

  • 10x Propeller Removal Tools

Additional Materials Included:

  • 10x Charging Hubs

  • 20x Batteries

  • 40x Propellers

  • 40x Propeller Guards

  • 1x Tello Curriculum

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