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Tips For Drones Classroom

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When you’re introducing drones to your classroom, there are a few things you (as the educator or supervisor) and the students must clear up before any drone projects occur. 

Starting a new drone STEM curriculum with students is a fun, fulfilling way to engage kids in hands-on learning. In my experience, drones give students a way to apply science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to exercises that encourage both responsibilities and play. 

If you need help managing your classroom when the drones come out, keep reading to learn about:

  • Establishing rules and safety for drone use

  • Distinguishing the field of drone flight at your school

  • Setting expectations for an educational drone mission 

  • Facilitating follow-up discussions with your students 

  • What kids learn when using drones

Oriental Navigation teaches STEM and the real-world application of drone/ robot technology through our curriculum, simulator, and professional development. We provides the best drones/robots for kids are tough, sturdy, and intuitive. But even those come with a learning curve.

Oriental Navigation takes everything that’s exciting about STEM DRONE/ROBOT and lays out a plan for how to teach kids important principles in science, physics, and engineering.

Our Drone/ Robot curriculums mean your classroom, camp, or event is more than just a toy drone/robot for kids to have fun: it’s about a holistic learning experience that gets every student — at every skill level — to participate with enthusiasm.


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